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Established in 1864, Government College University (GCU) is not only one of the oldest higher learning institutes in Pakistan but also in the whole Muslim world. After showing exceptional performance as a college for many years, GCU was finally granted the status of a university by the government in 2002. The university is currently offering admission in various undergraduate, post-graduate and Ph.D. programs. Having the highest graduation rate in Pakistan averaging 95.5% annually, Government College University (GCU) is ranked among the top “medium category” universities by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). Some of the most notables alumni’s of GCU include Nawaz Sharif, General Raheel Sharif, Dr. Abdus Salam, Tariq Jameel and Muhammad Iqbal.

To seek admission in any degree program especially related to the field of engineering, applicants are required to go through a specific selection procedure and the ones who pass this procedure by fulfilling all requirements are granted admission in GCU. The procedure includes the steps of application form submission, written test and/or interview. The final selection of the candidates is made through the combination of their prior academic qualification and written entry test/interview score.

GC University Entry Test 2015 Preparation Online MCQS Test English Math Physics Chemistry Computer Statistic Sample Paper

GC University Entry Test 2014 Online Preparation Sample Paper

The score gained in the written test has the highest weightage in the calculation of merit so which makes passing the pre-admission test with high marks extremely important. So to help our visitors in achieving high grades and securing admission in Government College University (GCU), examspk.net is providing free online testing service through which all candidates can prepare for their GCU entry test in most appropriate way. These tests make the process of preparation extremely quick, effortless and convenient. By attempting these tests, you will not only be able to highlight the areas where you lack in preparation but will also give you a quite accurate idea about the type of questions that can be asked in the actual entry test so that you will be in a better mindset for attempting the actual exam.


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