Biology Transport Chapter 9 Test Online (9th Class Punjab)

In this Biology Chapter of Transport of 9th Class Students Can Learn about Stomata, Human Heart, Proteins take part in Blood Clotting,Embryonic and Foetal Life,ABO Blood Group System,atherosclerosis, ... Continue Reading →

Biology Nutrition Chapter 8 Test Online (9th Class Punjab)

In this 8th Chapter of Biology of Ninth Class Punjab Students Can Learn about Lipid Contain Energy,Component¬† of Chlorophyll, Heart Diseases,Vitamins and their Deficiencies effects,Oral ... Continue Reading →

Biology BioEnergatic Chapter 7 Test Online (9th Class Punjab)

In this 7th Chapter of Biology of 9th Class Science Students Can Learn about Synthesis,Molecules,Carbon Di Oxide Combines,Bacteria,Transport Chain,Mesophyll Cells,Alcoholic Fermentation ... Continue Reading →

Biology Enzymes Chapter 6 Test Online (9th Class Punjab)

In the Chapter 6th of 9th Biology Students Can Learn about Enzymes and its Types, Stomach,Co-factors,Prosthetic Groups,Lock and Key Models,Activation Energy and its Relation to Enzymes ... Continue Reading →

Cell Cycle Chapter 5 Test Online (9th Class Punjab)

In this Chapter of Biology 9th Class Students Can Learn about Cells Cycle and Lives, Nucleus, Function of Mitosis,Apoptosis in Human,Volvox and Buccal Cavity.For Complete Preparation ... Continue Reading →

Cells and Tissues Chapter 4 Test Online (9th Class Punjab)

In this 4th Chapter Students Can learn about Cells and Tissues,Concentration of Solutes,Mitochondrion Functions,Golgi Apparatus,Nervous Tissues and Centrioles with Examination point ... Continue Reading →

Punjab 9th Class Biodiversity Chapter 3 Test Online

In This Chapter Students Can Learn Deals with Classification, Scientific Names,Organism,Taxonomy and Systematic Definitions and Viruses.For Complete Chapter preparation please Attempt ... Continue Reading →

Solving A Biological Problem Chapter 2 Test Online (9th Class Punjab)

In this 2nd Chapter of Biology¬† of 9th Class You Can Learn about Biological Methods,Observations,Reasons of Malaria Spread and Hypotheses and Theories. Please Take the Test for Complete ... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Biology Chapter 1 Test Online (9th Class Punjab)

In 9th Class Biology Chapter 1 we will teach you about topics like Introductions,Its Types,Shapes and Types of Bacteria,Amoeba,Unicellular Organisms,Brassica Flowers and Its Structure ... Continue Reading →